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Licensed House Painters In Pierce County, King County

A good painter can make any house feel like home, as well as add a cozy feel to any working space. A painting job that fulfills your requirements requires knowledge, expertise, and an eye for detail. If you’re looking for house painters in Pierce County, King County, who can provide you with quality service, look no further than Kirks Handyman!

We offer interior and exterior painting services to Pierce County and King County residents. Our painting contractor will assist you throughout the whole process to ensure that you get the service you deserve. What’s more, our company offers fair prices and quick operation regardless of the project size.



When you need a painting job done in your house or commercial property, the thought of doing it yourself may cross your mind. Well, there is no rocket science involved in painting, which means that you might do a great job. However, you should keep in mind that there are certain advantages of hiring a professional painter that outweigh the pros of a DIY painting job.


If you don’t have a background as a painter, chances are that you’ll need a long time to do a proper painting job all by yourself. So why not spend your free time with friends and family instead and let the experienced painting contractor do all the work?

For instance, at Kirks Handyman, we always provide our customers with an estimated time of completion and finish the painting project within the agreed-upon time.


When it comes to DIY painting projects, sometimes it is hard to ensure that what you’re doing guarantees quality and durability. Generally, painting companies can back up their work with proper insurance.

Kirks Handyman is no exception to this rule – our painters always make sure to leave you with results that exceed your expectations. What’s more, we ensure to use materials that are tailored to your unique needs, such as humidity levels, size of space, and complexity of the design.


This might come as a surprise but generally, hiring a painting contractor is much cheaper than doing the job by yourself. How is that even possible? Let us explain:

The painting companies get special prices on tools and paints, which allows them to offer the most budget-friendly materials. What’s more, every painter knows how to use the paint optimally, cutting the costs of the overall project.

Kirks Handyman goes above and beyond to help you find the painting materials that fit your budget. Additionally, our service is affordably priced, making quality painting service accessible to anyone.


For apparent reasons, painting is a messy job and requires a lot of cleaning after the job is done. Working with painting companies has a great advantage in this regard – a painter who completes the job disposes of paint materials property, and ensures that everything is squeaky clean before leaving the premises.

With Kirks Handyman, you won’t have to worry about paint stains all over the floor or furniture. We’ll take away the hassle of post-painting clean-up and leave your home or office in great condition.


Another huge pro of hiring a professional painter is that they come with extensive experience. In other words, the expert painter knows what they are doing. Be it a selection of paints or using proper tools, the painting contractor will make sure to provide you with expert advice at every step of the process.

The painting team at Kirks Handyman has a skill set that makes the painting process extremely quick and hassle-free. The job we do for you translates into the durability of the paint and minimizes maintenance needs.

What’s more, we’ll help you pick the best paint colors that fit your personal preferences as well as current trends.


Whether you’re looking for house painters for a small renovation or remodeling a large commercial space, Kirks Handyman can take on the job. We can set you up with professional commercial or house painters who will bring a new life to your property.


Tired of staring at the same boring wallpaper and want to paint the walls instead? Say no more! Kirks Handyman’s painting contractors can help. We will ensure quick wallpaper removal and clean-up of the walls so they’re ready to receive the paint.


Priming walls prior to painting is an essential step that can’t be missed. We’ll cover your walls with an even coat of primer from floor to ceiling. This will ensure that the paint sticks to the wall properly as well as minimize the number of paint coats needed.


Once the primer is in place, it’s time to get the paint roller, right? Wrong! In order to make sure that we get every detail right, we start painting corners by hand brush. This is an essential part that differentiates amateur paintwork from a quality job done by professionals. Kirks Handyman is dedicated to providing you with a second-to-none service so we don’t miss any steps!


Once the corners are painted, we use a wider roller brush to cover the whole surface. Keep in mind that paint takes 2-4 hours to dry and show the exact color. If, for any reason, you aren’t be satisfied with the final outcome and want a deeper hue, Kirks Handyman’s painting contractors will add an extra coat for you.

Give Your Walls New Life – Request Our Painter Services

The color of your walls sets the whole mood of your property, and if you’ve been putting off giving it a new life, it’s time you dodged the bullet. Kirks Handyman is here to provide you with a painting job that caters to your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Request our painter services now – all you need to do is fill out the estimate form! Let us know what you have in mind. Leave your contact information, and we’ll get back to talk about the details in no time.

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