At Kirks Handyman, we’re dedicated to putting you first. Our remodeling company prioritizes your convenience, ensuring a friendly and enjoyable experience while we take care of your most valuable investment. Unlike typical service businesses, our team aims to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home, never intimidating or making you uncomfortable.

With a wealth of skills and expertise, we’re ready to tackle any project you have in mind. Give us the opportunity to impress you with our exceptional service!

If you’re a Realtor seeking reliable referrals, we’re here to collaborate with you. Let’s discuss how our quick turnaround on repair quotes can help you close deals efficiently and smoothly. 


With a history spanning 4 years, Kirk’s remodeling business was initially established to address smaller tasks that demanded attention to detail. Kirks Handyman Division now extends this dedication to serve clients with any household job, regardless of size. From minor repairs to major renovations, our team ensures the same level of professionalism and care previously reserved for larger projects.

 This evolution allows us to fulfill the needs of every homeowner, offering expert solutions where they were once inaccessible. Trust Kirks Handyman to deliver exceptional service and craftsmanship, no matter the scale of the job.

My Start In Business 

In my journey as a business owner, I’ve spent the past four years leading a remodeling company. It began with a vision to address the smaller tasks often overlooked by larger firms. These are the jobs I’ve always wanted to tackle personally but couldn’t. Now, with Kirks Handyman Division, we extend our expertise to every corner of your home. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major renovation, our commitment to detail remains unwavering. We’re here to ensure that even the smallest projects receive the same level of attention and professionalism. Trust us to handle any job your house may require with precision and care.